Lockdown causes feelings to come to the surface. And that's why I decided to make a series expressing emotions and feelings using only hands, young and delicate hands and adult hands, tanned by work and time. And how old hands can support young ones. The most important fact that COVID19 has brought is the reduction is physical contact, so I've emphasized that hand-to-hand contact.
In this photos I tried to express the need for that contact, of that humanity that represents the simple rubbing between the hands of a daughter with her father. What greater support can exist than that of a father to his daughter? He'll always be helping her and holding her in any situation.
But even though a father will always be taking care of her little girl, there will come a time when she will have to fend for herself. And you'll need all the support, security, and love your father passed on to you and teach you. Your father's hand will not be there and you will have to join your own hands and move on. Many daughters, and sons, have had to learn to live alone because of family tragedies that have occurred because of COVID19. For them all the biggest of the supports.
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